All in God and God in All? Why Panentheism and Panpsychism Make So Much Sense Today


Many religious people share the intuition that we live and move and have our being in God. And many believe God in some sense resides in us and in all creation. And yet confusion reigns on how to make sense of these intuitions. Best Selling author and renowned scholar, Thomas Jay Oord offers clarity. A premier Open and Relational theologian, Oord explains why panentheism and panpsychism not only make sense for theology but also for philosophy and science. May, 22nd in GA 03/149.

Thomas Jay Oord
Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. Oord is a best-selling and award-winning author, having written or edited more than twenty-five books. A twelve-time Faculty Award winning professor, Oord teaches at institutions around the globe. Oord is known for his contributions to research on love, open and relational theology, science and religion, and the implications of freedom and relationships for transformation.