Vortrag von Dr. Amber L. Griffioen

Plakat Vortrag Dr. Amber Leigh Griffioen 20.01.2017

Am Freitag, 20.01.2017 hält Dr. Amber Griffioen von der Uni­ver­si­tät Kons­tanz im Raum GA 03/149 einen Vor­trag mit dem Ti­tel "Willing Sus­pension of Be­lief? Non-Doxas­tic Faith and the Reli­gi­ous Imagi­nation". Alle Inte­res­sier­ten sind herz­lich ein­ge­laden.

Willing Suspension of Belief? Non-Doxastic Faith and the Religious Imagination

The current literature in Philosophy of Religion contains many different models of religious faith. While some models make faith a matter of belief, many accounts recognize that faith also has fundamentally affective and volitional components. Despite the recognition of these feature of faith, however, the philosophical discussion has still largely revolved around an understanding of faith as a more-or-less doxastic enterprise. I will argue that this is a mistake: Although faith is perfectly compatible with belief, it is neither necessary nor sufficient for religious faith. I intend to lay out an alternative understanding of religious faith that decentralizes the importance of belief from the realm of faith and will introduce what I call an “imaginative” (as opposed to fictionalist) account of religious commitment into the discourse in order to make room for believers and non-believers alike to count among the faithful."

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