"Dem unerwarteten begegnen. Systematisch-theologische und pastoralpsychologische Zugänge zur Vergebung"


Experiences of guilt and the question of the possibility or impossibility of forgiveness are important issues on both a personal as well as societal level that are highly relevant, even within a secularized context. Current global political events, including the ongoing effects of the pandemic, underline the urgency of such questions. Is it possible to have a peace process without forgiveness? The capacity for forgiveness is an integral prerequisite that permeates all levels of life – personal, societal, political – and without which human society would be unthinkable. The aim of this project is to examine and analyse forgiveness and its current relevance from systematic and practical theological perspectives.Handbuch: The proposed research project addresses theoretical as well as practical aspects of forgiveness and the findings gained in two case studies will be compiled in an international ‘Handbook for Forgiveness and Reconciliation’ together with contributions from international researchers from different disciplines. It specifically explores the issue of forgiveness in religious and secular contexts from an intersectional point of view, drawing from theological, philosophical, and practice-oriented disciplines. The Handbook is aimed at professionals and volunteers who work with forgiveness processes, conflict management, peace work, penitential pastoral care, and rituals of repentance and forgiveness. Alongside contributions from those directly involved in this project, the handbook will invite theological and philosophical discussions by Miroslav Volf and other renowned experts in their fields as well as examples of best practices from political peace efforts (Latin America, Rwanda, South Africa). It will also contain practical chapters outlining the established models for facilitating forgiveness processes, guidelines for pastoral psychological care, and blueprints to forgiveness rituals.


Handbuch zum Projekt